VMware Setting

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PC Specification

   * OS  :  Vista ,  XP SP2
   * Memory  :  2 GB or more
   * Hard Disk  :  50GB or more


Master :

Install the BookDrive Capture(master PC).

Slave :

1.Installed VMware and install Vista or XP (recommend) into VM.

VMware configuration:

Memory  : 256MB(XP) , 1GB(Vista)

Hard Disk  : 10GB or more

Ethernet  : Host-only(without cable) , Bridged(LAN)


2.Install a Capture Slave to VM’s OS.

3.Check the VM’s OS IP address at the Capture Slave or below.

- Window + R ->cmd->ipconfig and remember the IP address.

4.Enter the IP address into BookDrive Capture -> Slave Connection.

How to connect both cameras

Connected are both cameras to PC with USB.(Cameras turn OFF).

Master :

Handle the BookDrive Capture and turn ON right camera. Please wait done.

Slave :

Handle the VM and turn On left camera. Please wait done.



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